The Inside is Everything




(AKA How We Can Change Your Life…)

Its wishful thinking to believe that everyone wants (or needs) full-service interior design. And not all of us live in mansions with ten thousand rooms or monumental budgets… Let’s be clear: we aim to be transparent about our pricing and our process, so that you always know what you’re in for. That means that if we don’t think you need a service that you paid for, we’ll refund you and steer you in the right direction. E.g. You want a full room re-design, but a site visit tells us that final styling is all you need to take you to your vision, you’ll only pay for the final styling.

Truth be told, not everyone wants (or has the stomach for) a buffet… If a la carte is more your style, you’re in the right place. Start with one room, or do your whole house. Do it in phases so you can plan the financials, or do it all at once. Go shopping yourself armed with a design plan, go shopping with me, or have all your furniture and accessories bought and installed for you. New builds to single room solutions, we work with you at the level you need to make your home fit you like a glove.



You're life is full. And when you have time off, sipping margaritas by the pool is more your jam than working on your house. But you do want a FABULOUS home. Done. This package is the whole enchilada. If you’re building a house, we’ll work with your architect, design and install the interiors and help with those countless decisions - big and small. If you fell in love with a historic home, but need an open plan and a modern touch, we can make that happen. Or maybe you’re dreaming of a kitchen and bath remodel. This package is for those big projects. We’ll take care of all the details and get you involved in the fun decisions that you care about. We’ll even source your furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, and install and style it all for you. The home of your dreams - just like that!

LOCATION: Houston, TX clients only.
PRICE: Project Basis, starting at $10,000



You’re busy, but you love the process of design and decorating. Maybe you even read design blogs and magazines in your spare time. Your home is generally fabulous, but you have a few rooms that vex you. This plan is made for you, baby. It starts with an initial consultation to identify and refine your style and your needs, measure your space and create a floor plan. Then we’ll draw up room layouts to show you the best furniture placements, prepare two fantastic mood boards that fit with your style and help you envision your dream in more concrete terms. Finally we’ll provide you with a full source list for all your furniture and accessories. You can choose whether to have us purchase and style it all for you, or whether you want to handle all the details yourself.

LOCATION: Houston, TX clients only.
PRICE: $2500/room* or $3500/kitchen (doesn’t include shopping & styling)
PRICE: $3500/room* or $4500/kitchen (includes shopping & styling)



If you’re a Decorating Diva, looking for the best bang for your buck, love getting your hands dirty and can’t wait to go shopping, this one’s for you. Whether you live in Houston or in Hong Kong, Dubai or Denmark, we can create the room that marries form and function for you. Whip out your measuring tape and send us pictures and dimensions of your room. We’ll hold a virtual design consultation, hone in on your style and how your family uses the space, and our design gypsies will nail down the perfect plan. Then, we’ll design a room layout or two to show you the best ways to arrange furniture and how to use key pieces you may already own. The perfect moodboard will follow, which will allow you to visualize the space. It will also be invaluable when you go shopping, as you’ll know exactly what will work in your space. No more wondering what’s missing. No more figuring out why it looked great in the store, but not in your house. No more getting stuck in indecision between two gorgeous sofas. With our plan, you’ll know exactly what to buy, but you choose where and how much you want to spend, and you bring your vision to life with the help of our plans.

LOCATION: Anywhere in the world
PRICE: $1000/room* or $1500/kitchen



You’ve bought and arranged all your key furniture pieces and you’re pretty proud of yourself, thank you very much. You were sure it would look straight out of Elle Decor magazine, but somehow your house just doesn’t look finished. What you need is a final styling - accessories and accents to make everything come together beautifully. Or perhaps you love your home, but one section of a room confuses you. Or maybe you just have some design questions specific to your home that you need answers to, like, ‘How do I design a room that transitions my kids from baby to little kid to teenager without spending a fortune each time?’, or ‘How do I change my space to accommodate an aging parent who is coming to live with us?’, or ‘What in the world do I do with this awkward corner?’ No worries - we’ve got you covered. We’ll set up a time to visit your space - virtually or in person - and answer your burning questions. And you get to choose how much or how little help you want, as we charge per hour. So you’ll never pay for services you don’t need. Let us be the secret in your back pocket and help you turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood!

LOCATION: Anywhere in the world
PRICE: $150/hour or a package of 10 hours for $1200