The Inside is Everything
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I’m Natasha Shamdasani Madan. But, call me Tash. I help modern moms like you create stunning, serene, made-for-real-life-and-real-kids homes that reflect who they are and their journey.

You want an amazing home, where you can host that epic party your friends rave about. One with clever storage (goodbye, clutter!), so there’s a place for everything. A home where everything has a story, makes you happy and nothing is too precious. A place where your kids aren’t bulls in a China shop! And importantly, one that looks and feels like YOU...

You know what it all looks and feels like in your head, but don’t know how to make it happen. None of your furniture works together. Or you buy that fabulous rug, only to find that you hate it in your space. Shopping for furniture feels like life-or-death decisions. And you don’t even know where to start with accessories! It can all be so overwhelming, and leave you paralyzed with indecision. And right now, you just want your house done. You want to spend your time living, not decorating!

I get it. That’s what I’m here for. I use my mad design skills to weave magic into your home, and make it a space that works for your family, your lifestyle and your aesthetic. And unlike other designers, I don’t create my masterpiece - I create yours.

Also I don’t do vague. You’ll love my clear pricing, which tells you exactly what it costs upfront - no more worrying about how much the designer is going to charge you! I have plans for girls who just want some design advice and e-design to full service renovations and new builds. You figure out how you want to work and we’ll get you there. Take a look at my services here.

How did I wind up doing this? After a high flying career in luxury marketing and travel, I fell in love in New York, said yes in Thailand, left my hometown of Hong Kong and moved to America. In 2009, I launched my leather handbag line (Taashki), while taking on our first renovation. My penchant for leather took me from handbags to home goods, and ten years on, I’ve designed and renovated countless apartments, condos, homes and small boutiques from Hong Kong to Houston TX.

My wanderlust shows in my designs, which create bright and airy, family friendly homes with natural textures and unique global accents. The best of my design pays homage to the incredible art, artisanship, and materials of cities the world over. The effect is a space that transports you to somewhere incredible and exotic, while taking you home.

Sound like your jam? Great! Let’s begin this story…



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